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"We Live Loyalty Over Royalty, We Breathe In Dreams To Accomplish Goals, We'll Live Forever Cause Legends Never Die"

Headbanging Back
Grimey Gudovani FT. WhiteBoyRob, AR & PD Fresh (Book One: The Grim Adventures)

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[Update's Guaranteed]

- LATEST: Ice announces the release of his mixtape "Slaughter Vol.2" coming May 15th, 2013. 4/29/2013
- LATEST: DroSay OFFICALLY becomes a part of M.A.D Connection family. 4/29/2013
- LATEST: Grimey Gudovani leaks first two tracks from "Book One: The Grim Adventures", "Black Hole Sun" & "Headbanging Back". 4/29/2013
- DroSay "Smoke N Maintain" Mixtape is released to the public. 3/15/2013
- Rebel Nation is formed. 10/11/2010

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